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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

In Office But Not In Power - Osborne's U Turns

Osborne's U turn (yet another one in a long line of U turns; pasties, churches, charities, caravans etc) on the fuel duty rise demonstrates that this government is in office but not in power.

Enjoy the video above of Paxman destroying the hapless and hopeless Chloe Smith.

In order for a Chancellor to survive in office, it is essential that the markets believe what he says; the list of U turns somewhat "undermines" his credibility.


  1. Paxman on top form.
    Ms Smith displaying the usual mealy mouthed drivel we have come to expect from our politicians these days. I think she was quaking in her boots can't help feeling she was wheeled out as cannon fodder.
    For goodness sake when are we going to have people in power who will stand up and be counted.

  2. Further thought.
    Is it me or do I detect the start of electioneering.