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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Dorset Police Close Petrol Stations

Well done Francis Maude and the coalition government, see what you have done!
"Dorset Police is advising members of the public not to panic buy fuel following reports of traffic congestion at petrol stations around the county.
Chief Inspector Nick Maton said: “There is no disruption to the fuel supply in the UK and members of the public should not panic buy.
“The actions of some motorists in queueing irresponsibly at petrol stations is causing danger to other road users.
“Police are taking action, requesting petrol stations to close temporarily in order to keep traffic flowing.
“Once the queues have dispersed, the petrol stations may re-open for short periods.”
"To clarify, Dorset Police is not closing all petrol stations in the county.
“Dorset Police will only be requesting the closure of the petrol stations worst affected by congestion in order to keep traffic flowing.

"Requests of this nature will be made direct from Dorset Police officers to designated petrol stations where necessary.
Oh for the halcyon seventies, when we had shortages of sugar, potatoes and toilet rolls caused by panic buying!

Coming soon: Martial Law!


  1. They may request, but are they empowered to enforce?

    1. Lord of Atlantis31 March 2012 at 13:21

      For 'request' read 'order, backed up by force.'