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Monday, 9 May 2016

Cameron Warns Brexit Risks War

In the event that he really believes that, why the hell did he call a referendum in the first place?


  1. well of course he does as his arguments for remaining are pathetic and undone.

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  3. The argument that Britain will fail if not joining the euro exposes the wanton histrionics from cameron about war being the result of stopping ever closer union + one currency.

    Some might say that terrorism, rape, violence, unfettered freedom of movement, has caused more widespread pan-european unrest than anything.

    The utopian europhile dream has become a nightmare on everything that matters; currency, employment, debt, trade, healthcare, education - and demonstrates no net sum gains greater than could have been achieved by the constituent members remaining independent countries.

    BREXIT for better trade with ROTW as EU declines!