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Friday, 11 November 2016

The "Special" Relationship

It would be really refreshing if for once, when there is a change of President in the USA, the British media and our MPs would stop wetting themselves over the "special" relationship.

This "special" relationship was forged between Churchill and Roosevelt, in the heat of war, for the convenience of:

1 Roosevelt, who needed an excuse to lend military assets (for a price) to the UK and an excuse to bring the USA into the war and

2 Churchill, who needed America in the war.

Post war the relationship quickly unravelled when America wanted its debts paid, and the US supported Nasser in the Suez crisis.

The relationship only becomes "special" when there is a close bond between the President and PM (eg Reagan and Thatcher) or when it is in America's interests for it to be "special" (eg the Iraq war).

Therefore please stop wetting yourselves!

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