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Monday, 2 July 2012

How To Avoid Tax - Courtesy of The Conservative Foundation

The other week David Cameron proclaimed to the world that Jimmy Carr's tax arrangement "isn't morally right".

Cue the Conservative Foundation, with their advice on how to reduce inheritance tax.

Here's what I said about this the other week on my HMRC site:
"Cameron has got himself well and truly stuck on top of the Savage Mountain (aka K2), not only will his "promises" to deal with these schemes come to nowt, but he has effectively declared open season on every Tory MP, every Tory candidate and every Tory donor. The media and other interested parties will pore over their finances with a fine tooth-comb, and one by one every single tax avoidance scheme (that the PM finds "immoral") will be made public (I guarantee there are hundreds of Tory MPs and Tory donors etc using these such schemes).

Cameron has lost touch with reality, in a desperate attempt to grab a soundbite and pander to the anti avoidance lobby."
Avoidance is a perfectly normal human thing to try to do, the politicians are not in a position to lecture the rest of us on morality.

A politician lecturing us on morality is as natural as a cat walking on its hind legs. 

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