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Friday, 12 May 2017

Labour Candidates Disown Unicorn Manifesto

Labour candidates are promising Labour voters they will remove Corbyn after the election in a desperate bid to win support on the doorstep, and are disowning the manifesto (even though it has yet to be officially published).

One Labour candidate described the manifesto as “childish”, as per the Telegraph:
Those of us who are realistic about this know we can't stand on the manifesto that has been produced by the party so we won't mention it on leaflets and on the doorstep.”

One senior Labour candidate said:
"This is nothing more than an expensive wishlist. Some of it may be harmless but the rest of it reads like a 10 year old's letter to Santa Claus."
Another, fighting to hold onto a marginal seat, said:
"You could promise unicorns for everyone, none of this is going to happen.

It's a ludicrous document, it won't serve Labour MPs well on the doorstep and the public have largely stopped listening and taking us seriously anyway.
How can voters trust people who stand for a party for which they neither support the manifesto nor leader?

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