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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Big Society Capital Theft

Question: When is theft not theft?

Answer: When the government is the thief!

David Cameron, desperate to prove that the "Big Society" isn't merely a spin master's coke addled dream, has today launched the Big Society Capital.

This is a bank that will lend money to charities and community groups. It is funded with £400M stolen by the government from dormant bank accounts, and by £200M funded by other banks.

This makes "good" Cameron's promise in 2010 that he would launch such a bank. However, as I noted at the time:
"- The cash being used to fund the "Big Society" is not the "elite's", the raid on dormant accounts is in fact a form of taxation.

- The Big Society Bank will of course be controlled by the politicians, or their chosen appointees.

I wonder if the government will be able to keep their sticky little fingers off the millions that will be hoovered up by the Big Society Bank?
Just remember folks when the government steals your money it isn't theft, it's redistribution for The Big Society!

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