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Sunday, 8 April 2012

David Cameron Has An Attack of The "Samantha Bricks"

David Cameron appears to have had an attack of the "Samantha Bricks", and has completely lost touch with reality. He is proposing that sites that host music videos, that he claims to be "raunchy" (eg those featuring Beyonce), should block children under the age of 18 from watching them  and that music videos should have certificates.

For why?

Apparently it is harmful for under 18's to see attractive people gyrate in a "sexual fashion" to music.

Needless to say, it appears to be perfectly OK for children to witness violence and cruelty as meted out on a daily basis on soap operas and the news.

I appreciate that Cameron has had a self inflicted lousy few weeks; what with  the "Granny Tax", Pastygate, private dinners, government surveillance etc etc. However, using this as an attempt to divert people's attention from these and other issues (eg has he forgotten the recession and austerity?) is absolutely pathetic and indicates that he has completely lost touch with reality.

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