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Monday, 16 April 2012

Georgie Porgie Gets His Arse Bitten

Last week I wrote the following:
"The government, for reasons best known to itself, has decided to play up to people's prejudices  and encourage media hysteria over the tax affairs of people classified as "rich".

This is rather odd, given that Cameron, Georgie Porgie (Chancellor of the Exchequer) and their associates are not exactly short of a few bob themselves. Anyhoo, wee Georgie has today expressed shock at the fact that some "rich" people organise their tax affairs in a manner so as to reduce their tax burden.
A week, as the old saying goes, is a long time in politics. Georgie Porgie has now released data showing the tax paid by those who he defines as "rich".

Oddly enough, the data contradicts his hysterical claims that "rich" people habitually "dodge" taxes.

Robert Peston has written the following:
"so it is striking quite how many people paid tax greater than 40% - a proportion 10 times greater than those who succeeded in paying almost no tax. Or to put it another way, perhaps the highest earners have had a slightly unfair press, because the majority of them seem to have been paying their proper share."
I noted last week that Georgie's policy of:
"Whipping up the media into a fire storm of hysteria over this may serve a short term political goal"
would come back to bite him and Tories on their arses.

However, I did not think that it would happen quite so soon.

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