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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Drugs and Political Hypocrisy

I have written many times on my Nanny Knows Best site about the absurdity of the drugs laws that we currently have in place in the UK, and the hypocrisy of those politicians who legislate against drugs.

I even wrote to Theresa May in May 2010 about the issue, read it here, needless to say I was fobbed off.

It is therefore interesting to read what Guido Fawkes has written today:
"An interesting snippet from Damian Thompson’s new tome on addiction – The Fix: 

'As with heavy drinking, there was an aspirational aspect to it. Dope smoking was associated with public schoolboys and especially Old Etonians. An acquaintance of mine smoked quite a few spliffs with David Cameron, the future Prime Minister. 

Whether Cameron tried anything harder at Oxford isn’t clear, but it’s interesting that, in 2012, neither the Prime Minister nor the Chancellor of the Exchequer had denied snorting cocaine. Neither, come to think of it, had the current President of the United States, nor his predecessor. 

One of these days someone should write a book entitled Tory MPs Who Have Done Drugs. It wouldn’t necessarily be a slim volume. 

One former MP whom I know for a fact has a nose like a vacuum cleaner recently told his local radio station he’d never touched anything stronger than alcohol.” 

Guido reckons he could write a similar ”Politicians I Have Done Drugs With”…"
Politicians, hypocrites?

Surely not!

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