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Friday, 4 May 2012

The Heathrow Clusterfuck - No Minister!

On 30th April the hapless and hopeless Damian Green (Immigration Minister) told Parliament:
"that the weather was to blame for a "blip" in arrival processing time at Heathrow"
He also denied that arrivals' processing was taking 3 hours.

On 1st May Green blamed the hapless passengers for being "confused" about how long the delays really were.

His lies have now quite rightly been exposed, BAA have produced figures that show that the immigration queue at Terminal 4 reached three hours.

Will Green be claiming that BAA are confused as well?

To add to the sense of government confusion and mismanagement over this issue, it seems that Theresa May (the Home Secretary) is very wisely set to introduce risk base profiling for immigration processing; this will radically reduce the time taken to process arrivals at Heathrow.

The funny thing is that this risk base profiling was the very reason that she sacked Brodie Clark, the former head of the UK Border Force, in November 2011. She claimed, at the time, that he had relaxed immigration checks without her authorisation.

I wonder what he will say about this?

When looking at the performance of the coalition the phrase "piss up in a brewery" springs to mind

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