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Friday 1 March 2024

Rochdale Votes For Britain's First MP for Gaza


For reasons best known to themselves the postal voters of Rochdale decided to vote for George Galloway as MP for Gaza.

Rather than focus of local issues, the postal voters (and those who allegedly intimidated real life voters) decided that their votes would change the situation in Gaza rather than have any meaningful effect whatsoever on the local issues that most concern normal people.

This will of course be proven to be a wasted vote, as whatever the tea towel wearers here shout of threaten will have no effect whatsoever on the war in Gaza.

Thursday 29 February 2024

The £31M Price Tag For Protecting Our MPs


Westminster is feeling threatened by the mob, our politicians feel that democracy is under threat as a result of the threats and intimidation of MPs by various mobs of tea towel wearers and other assorted trash.

As such £31M of taxpayers' money will be used to protect MPs from the mob.

There is more than a hint of irony in this given that over the recent decades MPs have proactively encouraged the mass migration of criminals and others who have no wish to integrate into our country, the very same people who are now causing problems. The MPs have also allowed the police force and government institutions to be infested with the woke ideology that panders to the mob.

Tuesday 27 February 2024

Staunton's Fucked!


As to whether certain sections of the MSM will report this, as it runs counter to their anti Kemi narrative, remains to be seen.

Labour To Train Young Male Influencers


The Labour Party's recent announcement of a plan to train young male influencers has been met with a mix of enthusiasm and scepticism. The initiative, aimed at utilising the power of social media to promote positive social change, has the potential to create a significant impact.

However, there are also concerns about the selection process for these influencers and the potential for bias. 

Will the training be open to all young male influencers, or will it be limited to a select few? 

If the latter, who will make these decisions and what criteria will be used? 

These are important questions that need to be addressed to ensure that the initiative is inclusive and representative of the diverse range of voices on social media.

Another concern is the potential for this initiative to perpetuate the idea that change can only come from the top down. While it is important to engage with influencers and leverage their platforms for positive change, it is equally important to empower individuals at the grassroots level. Real change often comes from the ground up, and it is crucial that this initiative does not detract from the importance of empowering individuals to make a difference in their own communities.

Additionally, there is a significant risk that this initiative could be seen as an attempt to co-opt and control the narrative on social media. Young influencers have the power to shape public discourse, and it is important that they are not seen as an extension of a political party or agenda. This could undermine their credibility and the impact of their messages.

Government trained influencers is a plan that will end in tears!

Monday 26 February 2024

Question For Angela?


Where were you really living, when you claimed that your were living in your council house that you subsequently sold?

Thursday 22 February 2024

Hoyle Kowtows To The Mob and Sue Gray


Hoyle's decision yesterday to kowtow to the mob (as represented by Starmer and Gray) caused chaos in yesterday's meaningless Gaza vote, and has now put his position in the firing line.

Despite his semi tearful apology, he knows that he can't unfuck this!

Whilst in the short term Labour managed to avoid an embarrassing public split; in the coming months it will realise that by pandering to religious zealots, it has made a rod for its own back. 

Labour will reap what they have sown. 

The lessons for Labour are as follows:

-Don't kowtow to the mob. 

-Don't call political opponents "scum". 

-Don't try to placate religious fanatics.