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Wednesday, 4 August 2021

The Political Paradox


Jeremy Clarkson is right ,when he says that governments can't even fix potholes in our roads.

Yet we entrust governments with running our health service, education, defence, making laws etc etc!

Are we fools, or are politicians conmen?

Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Schrödinger's Watchlist


Much to the relief of the travel industry, Boris and Number 10 have confirmed that there will be no public amber watchlist.

However, there is in fact a secret amber watchlist for government eyes only; as ministers need to know which countries are of concern in terms of case numbers and variants. 

Hereinafter known as Schrödinger's Watchlist!

Monday, 2 August 2021

Will Boris Save The Summer?

Given the recent polling, and newspaper headlines citing various minister show want travel restrictions loosened, it is likely that the traffic light system will not be further complicated.

Transport select committee Chair Huw Merriman told BBC Radio 4 Westminster Hour’s Alex Forsyth:

 “An amber watchlist will be viewed as a massive red flag which is likely to cause bookings to those countries on that watchlist to collapse.

In my view, we don’t need any more uncertainty, complexity, or anxiety for passengers, or this beleaguered sector. It just needs clarity. I would urge the government not to do anything with it.”

Friday, 30 July 2021

The Triple Lock is on The Block


 We shall see...

Captain Reckless Goes Bouncy Bouncy


Early this morning, Captain Reckless (aka Keir Starmer) called for double-jabbed people in England who are identified as Covid contacts to be exempt from isolation from August 7, nine days earlier than planned.

By happenstance Mark Drakeford the Gauleiter of Wales announced on Thursday that the 7th would be the date that Wales would end the isolation requirement.

Bringing forward the ping exemption by 9 days will make little practical difference either way, had Starmer had some guts he would have called for it to be ended now (which, by happenstance, is 9 days until the 7th).

Thursday, 29 July 2021

Umbrella Appeal


 Will someone please get Boris a functioning umbrella.

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Labour's "Reckless" Policy


Labour, having first described Freedom Day as "reckless", has now described the changes in travel rules as "reckless".

This is now the official "policy" of Labour, to describe any change in Covid policy by the government as "reckless". 

Whilst not really a "policy" it does have the advantage that if used often enough during the course of the pandemic, it might (like a stopped clock) stand a chance of being right at some distant time in the future!