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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Tories Try To Erase History

In a bizarre and Orwellian attempt to erase history the Tory party has tried to delete its speeches and policies of the last 10 years from the internet.

As per ComputerWeekly:
"The Conservative Party has attempted to erase a 10-year backlog of speeches from the internet, including pledges for a new kind of transparent politics the prime minister and chancellor made when they were campaigning for election.

Prime minister David Cameron and chancellor George Osborne campaigned on a promise to democratise information held by those in power, so people could hold them to account. They wanted to use the internet transform politics.

But the Conservative Party has removed the archive from its public facing website, erasing records of speeches and press releases going back to the year 2000 and up until it was elected in May 2010.

It also struck the record of their past speeches off internet engines including Google, which had been a role model for Cameron and Osborne's "open source politics".

And it erased the official record of their speeches from the Internet Archive, the public record of the net.
In one massively misjudged move, the Tory party has focused everyone's attention on its past rather on the country's present/future. How can that possibly benefit the Tories?