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Sunday, 28 June 2020

The Chronicles of Banquo - The Demise of The Dark Knight

Gather ye round my best beloveds, and I shall recount to you another tale from the Chronicles of Banquo.

It was at the time when Albion and its people were ravaged by the great plague, enemies outwith and within Albion plotted to use this period of perceived weakness to their own evil ends.

The Dark Knight Sedwill had long been plotting to thwart the king's and his loyal knight apparent Banquo's plans for reform and revitalisation, the emperors across the water were mighty angry at Albion's plans to leave the empire and did all they could to stop it and the lickspittles in the media (who felt that their time was nigh) were dripping poison into the ears of the people of Albion.

Thus we enter the time when the plague was abating and, within reason, some parts of the lockdown were being eased. The eve of No Turning Back Day focused minds in Albion, and across the water the minds of the emperors.

It was a cleft in the buttocks of the history of Albion.

Thus it became time for the king to honour his vows to the people of Albion, made in the Winter of 2019, and level up the land and its people.

It was a time to Build, Build  Build!

For the promises to be kept, the disloyal Dark Knight Sedwill had to be vanquished. As such he was persuaded of the hopelessness of his situation, and his pending demise. Therefore he would, on the eve of No Turning Back Day, fall upon his sword, leaving the path clear for Banquo to transform the royal court.

Is this the end of the Chronicle?

It is the end of this tale, but the Chronicles never end.

Fear not, my best beloveds, for I shall return to relate another tale in the Chronicles of Banquo.

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